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Wholesoul a Lavender & Sage Eatery is a local family all black women-owned and operated business in the Twin cities and surrounding areas.

The brainchild of Kathleen Johnson was born when family members were dying at young ages because of health problems. Health issues are and have always been a problem in the black community. She strategically found a way to have your cake and eat it too! This comes from the ingredients used in the recipes to how long food should cook without losing all of its nutrients. Kathleen is also a local professional musician and in the "Prince vaults". She prides herself in helping musicians live a healthier lifestyle by not only supporting the Wholesoul "Greens by any means" campaign and journey, but also partnering quality live music shows produced by Kathleen and her company Musicians4Musicians and her mentoring workshop "Raisingthebar, an Artist's loft".

Known for our delicious catfish this food trailer started its journey in 2014 in a classy black-owned juke joint in St. Paul named Arnellia's. By winter 2014, we became the official cooks for Prince's 'Paisley Park After Dark' live music series until Prince's untimely death in April 2016. We then had the honor of catering his memorial service at his Paisley home with a host of his celebrity friends.

Festivals, breweries/distilleries in and around the Twin Cities. Our services include but are not limited to, live music events, special community events, farmer's markets, corporate lunches, catering, etc., serving delicious, nutritious versions of Soul Food recipes.

Cooking and eating healthy most of the time is our goal! Celebrate with REAL, HANDMADE delicious treats prepared by loving, soulful gifted hearts and hands. But you must remember that food is your greatest resource for medicine and that is the most important Wholesoul initiative! Soul Real, Soul Fresh, Soul Delish!!! 

Double up 3 or 4 times...on some Catfish! Let the "HOUSE PAR-TAY" continue. If it ain't great, it don't get fillers to get you full over here!!